Installing a GPS solution for the first time

GPS, Fleet Management, Integration, Trucking, Mobile Workforce, Safety

You have been managing your team the say way for years, now you have just installed a GPS fleet management solution in all of your trucks. How are you going to explain this to your drivers? Will they feel like they are being spied on? How do other companies handle it?

Calculating the Total Cost of Fleet Ownership

Mobile Workforce, Trucking, TCO

Total cost of ownership (TCO) measures the real cost of a vehicle, including all associated costs like acquisition and maintenance. An accurate TCO calculation can help your company determine when to replace fleet vehicles, service them or consider transitioning to leased vehicles. It’s important to measure TCO accurately because a misleading calculation can provide false forecasting into the cost of your assets and lead to damaging financial decisions.

Cameras Improving Trucker Safety

Trucking, Fleet Management, Safety Manager, Safety, Mobile Workforce, Cameras

You are rolling down the road, a green light ahead with a clear intersection. In an instant, you pick up a vehicle out of the corner of your eye. It fails to stop for the red light and slams into the side of your truck. Your truck begins to spin sideways, but you recover and manage to pull off to the shoulder to check on the other driver.

Short Haul Exemption

Short Haul, Exemption, Trucking, ELD, Fleet Management, Mobile Workforce

Are you running a short haul and concerned about HOS (hours of service) and how the ELD mandate may or may not apply to you?