Installing a GPS solution for the first time

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You have been managing your team the say way for years, now you have just installed a GPS fleet management solution in all of your trucks. How are you going to explain this to your drivers? Will they feel like they are being spied on? How do other companies handle it?

10 Steps to Building a Safer Fleet

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Management Must Buy into Policies

Since a safety program may mean making fundamental changes to the way drivers are managed, it is imperative to have management buy-in from the start. Everyone throughout the organization needs to know that safety is a strategically important objective from the very top. It's something that can only be articulated by the most senior officer to get the strongest point across to all employee's.

Trucking Trends to Expect in 2019

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With 2018 coming to a close, many industry professionals are looking back on their year to help them prepare for 2019. Utilizing old data trends so they can better forecast things like cost, supply, expenses, and overall growth. While it is hard to predict all trends come the new year, we have highlighted the top trends in trucking to watch out and prepare for once 2019 arrives.

When and How to Use Personal Conveyance

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One of the most misunderstood and misused features of ELDs is the allowance of Personal Conveyance, often noticed as PC.

Before we dive into the meaning and common questions about PC, there are two questions you should ask yourself to help determine if you are following part 395 of the regulations :