4 common mistakes drivers make with ELD


With ELD still being somewhat new to the trucking industry, it comes as no surprise that some drivers have had trouble getting familiar with this technology. This can quickly result in a pile-up of logbook corrections and unassigned driving time that must be addressed, creating headaches for both the back-office and the driver. The good news is most of these issues can be fixed with the right policies and a little training.

Short Haul Exemption

Short Haul, Exemption, Trucking, ELD, Fleet Management, Mobile Workforce

Are you running a short haul and concerned about HOS (hours of service) and how the ELD mandate may or may not apply to you?

What to do when your ELD Malfunctions

Trucking, Safety, ELD, FMCSA, Fleet Management

It's early in the morning, you are about to start your shift driving and want to get started on the deliveries for the day. An hour into your drive your ELD stops working, you've tried turning it off and back on but no luck what do you do?

Making the switch from AOBRD to ELD

AOBRD, DOT, ELD, FMCSA, Hours of Service, Roadside Inspection

Many fleet owners are in the same position, the setup they have been using for years is not going to be legal after the end of next year and are looking at what their options are. Making the change from older style AOBRD to the new ELD may seem like a leap, but most people find it is more of a step if you know what the changes mean for your drivers.

The differences between the systems are fewer than you might imagine and it really is the details that can cause most of your pains.

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